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Know your security position.

Are you confident in your business’s ability to defend against ongoing attacks or recover in the event of a breach? Our Security Assessment equips you with the information you need to implement enterprisewide protection.

We have the dedicated experience, extensive resources and deep partner relationships to defend your most valuable assets. We'll help you:

  • Mitigate risk.
  • Boost operational efficiency.
  • Improve the client experience.
  • Increase cost-effectiveness.

Extensive services to match your needs

Whether you want help prioritizing and implementing known vulnerabilities or are starting from square one, we'll work alongside your staff to remediate any shortcomings.

Audit & compliance

We're experts in a range of frameworks and compliance initiatives impacting multiple industries, including HIPAA, GDPR and PCI.

Vulnerability assessment

Our auditors gather and classify all systems, open ports and running services to provide a complete overview of your environment.

Penetration testing

We can demonstrate the destructive power that an attack from the inside, a rogue employee or an untrusted contractor can inflict.

A partner to protect your business

Privacy and security are top concerns for enterprises today. We’ve helped industry leaders continue to safeguard their most valued assets. Explore our case studies:

  • Client: Large U.S. bottler and distributor

    After tripling in size during an acquisition, this client needed a complete network assessment and technology update to maintain consistent coverage, protection and protocols.

    Our team:

    • Thoroughly assessed infrastructure & internal skills
    • Addressed & minimized network events
    • Prioritized & sequenced IT investments
    • Refreshed technology in 8 bottling facilities & 42 sales/distribution centers
    • Implemented remote network monitoring & management
  • Client: Leading distributor of vehicle components

    This client needed guidance to ensure there were no security gaps after its chief information security officer left the company.

    Our team:

    • Provided a temporary chief information security officer
    • Developed project plans for addressing areas of concern
    • Addressed key issues, including DNS, Active Directory?, PKI infrastructure, password remediation & vaulting, encryption, file sharing & data loss prevention
  • Client: National law firm

    The aftermath of a security breach prompted this client to seek enhanced protection throughout the firm.

    Our team:

    • Performed on-site & remote vulnerability scanning & implementation on a next-generation firewall
    • Identified 10 high & 3 critical vulnerabilities & 1,400 login attempts in a brute-force attack targeting a terminal server
    • Reviewed a network diagram & proposed a future state complete with new firewall, wireless & network hardware, installation & integration with managed services
  • Client: Large healthcare organization

    Following an acquisition, we initiated a three-year security assessment and review to guarantee compliance measures were being met and data was completely protected.

    Our team:

    • Performed external & internal vulnerability & penetration testing
    • Conducted a compliance audit
    • Executed HIPAA & PCI Strategic Security Assessments

Decades of experience, global reach

We have a track record of successfully securing complex enterprise environments while minimizing disruption — so you can continue to work efficiently.

Comprehensive service

From architecting solutions to selecting technology and providing long-term support, we handle all aspects of your security.

An extension of your staff

Focus on growing your business. Leveraging our security expertise frees your staff to tackle other projects.

Vendor freedom

We craft an intelligent security solution for your business using ideally suited offerings from leading providers.

Delivered through a proven roadmap

Our Security Assessment takes a holistic look at your business, analyzing processes, attaining critical buy-in and delivering actionable results. Explore our process:

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We survey both internal business units and security stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of your organization. Our team gathers deep insights into how staff perceive their security posture, what stakeholders are planning and the risks they're trying to mitigate.

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Align & prioritize

Mapping all current and proposed security objectives to your business goals creates true alignment. And agreement on priorities from the security team establishes clear direction.

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Evaluate & define

People, processes and technology are the core pillars driving your organization. We analyze each separately to understand the skills required to implement security initiatives, evaluate process gaps and define the capabilities of your technology.

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Your roadmap details business objectives and security initiatives, as well as how each delivers value back to the business. This helps organizational leadership understand the current state versus the desired state.

What is a security assessment?

Security is an ever-changing, critical component of your organization. Because defense strategies continue to evolve, regular network security assessments are needed to get a complete view of your protection level and to identify vulnerabilities.

A comprehensive audit will assess each type of data you store, generate or manipulate. It will ensure your organization is working within the compliance frameworks and standards of any regulatory body involved, from ISO and PCI-DSS to SOX and HIPAA.

Our security services include:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Security strategy workshops
  • Security roadmaps
  • Solution design and technology selection
  • Security tool rationalization
  • Audit and compliance
  • Penetration testing
  • Monitored and managed security

End-to-end network security

The threatscape is growing as more endpoints, users and devices connect to your network. Mobility, the cloud, virtual data centers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) are bringing more vulnerabilities to every organization. Our network security assessment gives you the proactive position you need to remain protected.

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Ensure your business is protected.

An IT Security Assessment will help you identify vulnerabilities and strategize ways to defend against them and maintain compliance.