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World-class enterprise security

Palo Alto Networks? Next-Generation Security Platform, available from Insight, works to prevent known and unknown threats across your entire organization. It tackles your network, your cloud and every endpoint with prevention and affordability by bringing together four major components.

First, the network leverages natively integrated technologies for a consistent security posture. Next, it uses automation to deliver maximum protection. Third, it provides flexibility as you take on new technologies. And finally, enhanced threat intelligence sharing leads to a robust community of threat data.

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Next-generation firewalls

Meet the firewall you can count on. Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls give you complex and powerful tools to classify all traffic, including encrypted traffic. Create comprehensive security policies and manage every user along the way as you prevent cyberattacks.

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Meticulous endpoint security

For real endpoint protection, go beyond anti-virus software. Palo Alto Networks Traps? endpoint security gives you multimethod prevention, a combination of malware and exploit prevention methods that preemptively block both known and unknown threats.

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Simplify your security management.

Securely enable your applications. Security subscriptions let you empower apps, users and content through natively integrated protection. The goal: Prevent threats from known and unknown sources at every stage, and cut the hassle of protecting your remote workforce.

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Single-console firewall management

Control every firewall — from one central location. Panorama? network security management allows you to do it all: view traffic, manage device configuration and run reports. Use it as a dedicated appliance or as a virtual machine to streamline your security operations.

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Protect your SaaS applications.

Aperture Software as a Service (SaaS) security gives you a complete tool set to enable and protect your SaaS applications. Gain visibility across your entire user base, folder and file activity. Comprehensive analysis gives you the insights you need to safeguard your SaaS data and accurately determine risk levels.

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