Future-forward security awareness training

Arm your teams to fight social engineering and phishing with KnowBe4? security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, available from Insight.

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Create a human firewall.

A new-school approach to security awareness training helps your teams keep threat defense top of mind. Watch and learn about the comprehensive web-based mock attacks and training from KnowBe4.

Optimized IT awareness

Now you can manage the problem of social engineering using KnowBe4 security awareness training. It’s user-friendly and scales to meet your company’s size and needs.

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Baseline testing

Assess your user risk percentage with simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attempts.

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Enterprise training

Equip users with interactive email security modules, videos, games and helpful content.

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Unlimited usage

Have users test and retest as many times as needed with best-in-class threat simulations.

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Strong reporting

Bolster your management reports with both high-level stats and up-close user insights.

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Accelerated threat response

You can excel at threat management with the PhishER? email security awareness platform. The most dangerous threats are prioritized for fast and precise action.

Automation handles management of the other 90% of non-malicious reported emails, creating efficiencies for your team.

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Compliance made easy

Cut your security audit time in half with the KCM GRC platform. Prebuilt templates ensure you meet compliance requirements quicker. And a workflow-based risk assessment tool reduces errors and simplifies tasks.

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