Comprehensive data loss protection

Protect your business with hassle-free agility using Code42? Data Loss Protection (DLP) solutions, available from Insight.

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Simplified data recovery tools

What if your DLP software enabled both productivity and cost savings? Unlike legacy DLP solutions, Code42 Next-Gen DLP safeguards files across every endpoint — without interrupting users or taxing IT teams.

Meet requirements.

Cloud-automated retention makes satisfying regulatory compliance easier than ever.

Deploy effortlessly.

You can accelerate incident response to data leaks — deploy in days instead of months.

Save resources.

By automating security, your DLP solution ensures business continuity and IT productivity.

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Unified file visibility

Monitor file creation, deletion and modification behind the scenes with Code42 Next-Gen DLP. You can protect the entire organization non-disruptively and gain awareness of billions of events. Better intelligence will help your organization act decisively and quickly to remediate threats.

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Speedy file retrieval

Now you can easily locate and restore sensitive and deleted files. Searches are completed in seconds, streamlining investigations and insights.

Next-Gen DLP self-service retrieval empowers user productivity, freeing IT to focus on top initiatives. In just a few simple clicks, a team member can resolve his or her own accidental deletion or overwritten files.

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Top-notch retention

Simplify data protection and maintain history of file activity for mergers, employee turnover, internal security concerns and more.

With Next-Gen DLP, files are safeguarded automatically and can be accessed remotely — without the need for manual copying. The threat of stolen devices, ransomware and coffee spills is eradicated.

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